cherry blossoms

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thanks nintendo
me: i don't even care. i'm not going to talk about this anymore.
me: and you know what else? [2000 word rant]

Syndra by thelittlefirefly
Riot should put a are you over 18 warning on all their streams for today



Yo imp had the dumbest face that whole intro. He looked like he didn’t know what was happening


Anonymous sent: hey sorry if it's been aleady asked but what kind of brush have you used for that last comic about ahri and malcolm?


Hi! I’ve updated my brush pack, and have compiled the stuff into a handy dandy sheet. Click on the image to grab the expanded version, and grab my brush pack here.

(the one you’re interested in is called ‘iS_antialiased’)

The sources of several of these brushes are as follows:
Algenpfleger , Houston Sharp, Paul Scott (from the ‘Using Reference Imaginatively’ pack)




Rumbleby Katherine Cky

League of Legends Tribute 2014More than 120 artists united to create a tribute and celebrate the 2014 World Championship with exclusive fanarts!
My contribution for Rumble! Thankyou Giselle for the invite, and Arion Vox Arcana for all the hard work putting together this crazy tribute..! Do check out the facebook or tumblr page for the rest of the team’s awesome artwork!

❤ fab bubblegum ❤